At the Marist Catholic College North Shore we believe academic subjects and co-curricular activities complement each other and are integral to student wellbeing, learning and spirituality, thus contributing to the development of the whole student. Co-curricular activities foster commitment, confidence and self-worth and encourage a sense of belonging, resilience and connection to the school community.

Debating and Public Speaking

To be able to speak confidently and effectively in public is a skill that many people use throughout life. There are many opportunities within the learning context for individuals to develop and practice their public speaking skills as well as annual competitions where students can nominate to compete individually or in groups. 

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Music is an opportunity offered within the college. Music tuition is available covering a wide range of instruments with piano, guitar, drums, trumpet, vocal, piano and saxophone being the more popular choices. 

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Rock Band

Student rock bands also exist within the school where students join together to share their love of music. Performance opportunities are available through our band and ensembles at various school and community events.

Marist Catholic College North Shore Choir


A school choir operates within the school where all children can take part in school concerts and within liturgical celebrations. 

Marist Catholic College North Shore Sport


Sport plays an important role in a young person’s development. Marist Catholic College North Shore precinct offers many opportunities to students to participate in sport both within and outside the school. Students can participate in a wide variety of sports including: cricket, soccer, netball, rugby, football and swimming.  

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Clubs and Enrichment

Students can pursue a range of special interests through lunchtime activities such as public speaking, knitting, debating, chess, robotics, Big Sister, Big Brother and Dungeons and Dragons as well as many more activities that change from year to year as new student interests evolve.