Marist solidarity is a group of students who promote understanding, education, advocacy and action on social justice, peace and human rights issues.

Marist Solidarity provides a credible voice on these matters within our Marist college community, with a desire to make a difference advocating change for a more just society.

Marist Solidarity is welcoming and generous, giving up their own time in order to assist others, they believe in equality and respect amongst all members of the group.


With Every Breath
We pray that,
as representative of our Marist community
and in solidarity with those we serve,
we can be the light
of the goodness and love
that God has for each person.

 As we reach out today
we vow to be present to those we serve,
with every breath we take.
To listen to, and share their story,
and touch them with a smile of peace.
And so we ask
God to enfold us,
Christ to touch us
and the Spirit to surround us.


Marist Catholic College North Shore Immersion

Marist Catholic College North Shore Immersion

Each year, selected senior students participate in our Immersion program traveling to India, Cambodia and to the Northern Territory to practice St. Marcellin Champagnat’s pedagogy, “to be with the young, to love them, to teach them the basics, to lead them to Jesus, to form them to be good Christians and to form them to be good citizens”. Champagnat’s enduring charism is at the foundation of the Immersion experience through the students always being present, through the simplicity of their actions, through family spirit in the global Marist community, through the love of work and always in the way of Mary.

The Immersion experience has touched the lives of many and has connected our College community with the Marist family in India, Cambodia and far North Queensland. It is hoped students become life-long global citizens and continue to connect with their faith through their actions and prayer.


Year 12 Night Patrol

In collaboration with St. Vincent de Paul, every fortnight throughout the year, Year 12 students of a Monday evening provide food and coffee to the homeless in the Sydney CBD. More importantly, they provide companionship and an ear to listen to those in need. We are proud of the fact that we are the only school in the archdiocesan that participates on such a frequent basis for this important initiative.

Year 11 Matthew Talbot Hostel

Year 11 students give up their time on Wednesday afternoons every week of the year at Matthew Talbot Men’s Hostel, Sydney’s largest homeless shelter, to run the kiosk that provides discounted convenience items to those who attend the facility. In addition to providing much needed support to St. Vincent de Paul, students also spend their time talking and listening to those visiting.

Year 10 Street Level Café

As part of an initiative of the Salvation Army, the Year 10 students help out on a Friday every fortnight at Street Level Café in Surry Hills once Friday night Mass has finished. They assist in providing dessert and coffee but more importantly company for those wishing to relax in this inclusive setting. Marist College North Shore students have been presented several Best Service Awards from the Salvation Army in recognition of our commitment to this great cause.

In addition to these works, the College as a whole also contributes to the work of Marist Asia Pacific Solidarity and the St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal.


Marist Solidarity meets each term to discuss relevant social justice issues. The purpose of this is to highlight and develop a College approach to the issue and initiatives that support it. We are lucky to have numerous guest speakers give up their time to further educate our students on these important matters. Students also have the opportunity to attend Social Outreach Days at the Australian Catholic University and the Catholic Education Office.